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Setting The Trend : Festival Fashion

Posted by Presh Gals on

Founder and jewelry designer, Nicole Apostoli, had already long been creating beautiful pieces before Presh was officially born. Ever since her early years of traveling across the country while attending festivals, she has sold her handmade artisan jewelry pieces.

Her original designs and unique style quickly became popular in the world of festival goers. It is was during these years and attending festivals that the roots of Presh was born and what later helped catapult Presh into the world of the New York fashion scene.

Today, the festival "look" is a well know fashion style and genre however, that was not always the case. It has only become popular in the last 10 years when the fashion industry began recognizing the counter culture and modern day hippie looks of today's festival crowd. When the fashion world sought out new designers to feature this new trend, among them was the fresh, original creations from Presh. 

Nicole was approached by Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) Magazine in 2009 and asked if she would allow them to use her jewelry for a spread on festival fashion. They were impressed by her originality and knew her designs were the perfect pieces to finish off the up and coming, trend setting look of festival goers. Recognizing the amazing opportunity Nicole agreed. Just as before, her designs quickly became popular and coveted in the high end fashion scene.

Here is the original spread in WWD featuring Presh’s Jewelry. 

It is no wonder that Presh designs are known for setting trends. A great example is Presh’s original famous split leather wrap bracelets.

Through it all, Nicole has kept true to her roots, choosing against mass fabrications, keeping Presh known for handmade artisan pieces. She recognizes that is a big part of what her customers have come to love and appreciate from her work. No doubt, this is why Nicole, and everyone here at Presh, enjoy the balance of both the high end world of fashion and grass roots of the festival scene.


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