For All The Moon Lovers

For All The Moon Lovers

Posted by Presh Gals on 9th Jun 2016

If you are anything like us, you probably love the moon. Nature has always been a big part of the inspiration behind the designs here at Presh, and this lovely moon necklace is no exception. We certainly aren’t the only moon lovers out there, Jennifer Wise is too, and she adores this Presh design.

She wrote a great piece highlighting our Turquoise And Gold Moon Necklace which you can read here. We really enjoyed how she compares the different design elements to nature and what it means to her. There is nothing quite like when someone relates to our designs and makes it their own. That is a big part of the beauty in creating wearable art for us.

How do you connect to our Moon Necklace in Turquoise and Gold? Does it remind you of the connection between the moon and ocean as it does for her?


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