Setting The Trend : Festival Fashion

Posted by Presh Gals on 13th Aug 2016

Founder and jewelry designer, Nicole Apostoli, had already long been creating beautiful pieces before Presh was officially born. Ever since her early years of traveling across the country while attend … read more

Behind The Scenes : Nicole Apostoli

Posted by Presh Gals on 26th Jul 2016

A few of us Presh Gals were sitting around sharing a meal recently and we got to talking. A fairly new Presh Gal was curious about how Nicole got started in the jewelry making business and among the g … read more

​Creating A Summer Solstice Altar

Posted by Presh Gals on 17th Jun 2016

This summer solstice we are going to celebrate it by creating a lovely altar to welcome the warm months and longer days. An altar is a lovely way to start off a new season. To manifest positive energi … read more
For All The Moon Lovers

For All The Moon Lovers

Posted by Presh Gals on 9th Jun 2016

If you are anything like us, you probably love the moon. Nature has always been a big part of the inspiration behind the designs here at Presh, and this lovely moon necklace is no exception. We certai … read more

Presh Is Headed Off For Festival Season

Posted by Presh Gals on 25th May 2016

Presh is packing up and hitting the road to attend a couple of fabulous festivals in the next few weeks. We are looking forward to enjoying some great music, meeting up with a few familiar fac … read more