About the Artist

Nicole Apostoli, founder and designer of Presh by Nicole Apostoli, has been making jewelry for as long as she can remember. Nicole started out making pieces for herself and for friends until local boutique owners became interested in her work. She sold her one of-a-kind creations as she studied art and design at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, where she received her BFA in jewelry and metal arts in 2001.

As a young girl, Nicole was fascinated with her grandmother’s jewelry box, not just because of the beauty of the pieces inside, but also because of the ability these pieces had to trigger memories that may have otherwise been forgotten. It is this attachment to sentiment and memory along with her love for jewelry, fashion, and textiles that continues to inspire Nicole to design.

In 2001 Nicole launched Presh by Nicole Apostoli, which gained rapid success with specialty stores as well as catalogs. The line quickly gathered a following across the United States as well as overseas. Nicole’s designs have been featured on such TV shows as America’s Next Top Model, All My Children, The View, The Rachael Ray Show, and American Idol. They have also been showcased in Hollywood feature films. Celebrity fans include Kate Hudson, Joss Stone, Billy Crystal, Tyra Banks, Kim Bassinger, and Hayden Panettiere among others.

Presh by Nicole Apostoli showcases Nicole’s versatility as a designer and features a rich assortment of precious metals, semi precious stones; hand crafted leather, as well as vintage and rare fabrics from around the world. Each piece is a limited edition or a one of a kind handmade treasure.