​Creating A Summer Solstice Altar

Posted by Presh Gals on 17th Jun 2016

This summer solstice we are going to celebrate it by creating a lovely altar to welcome the warm months and longer days. An altar is a lovely way to start off a new season. To manifest positive energies and honor the coming months.

There are many ways you can approach creating your own summer solstice altar, and there are no steadfast rules you have to follow, except your own heart and intuition. In general though, it is nice to use the colors, symbols and nature associated with summer for its foundation. As the summer progresses you can add and change out objects as you desire. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Colors Of Summer -

There are many ways to add these colors to your altar. You can use candles, gemstones, jewelry, flowers or personal objects.

Gold for success. We plan on adding a gold toned necklace or two to ours for both the color and element. Like our Gypsy Beaded Gold Necklace

Yellow for happiness and sunlight.

Orange for warmth and strength.

Brown for stability and to represent the earth.

Nature -

Include a few objects from nature or ones that represents the elements of the sun and summer.

Sunflowers for happiness and bringing in sunshine into your life.

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Ivy for cultivating and nurturing friendships and relationships in general.

Candles as they represent the fire and life giving force of the sun. Use ones that are colors of the summer.


Tigers eye for protection.

Labradorite for enhancing and activating your imagination.

Carnelian for more creativity in your life.

Jade for attracting love.

Citrine for prosperity and abundance.

Pyrite for its energizing properties.

Symbols -

The Spiral Of Life

The symbol of the spiral represents the sun and the life forces it provides us. There a many creative ways in which you can include the spiral into your altar.

We will be using a few of our wrap bracelets and leather cord necklaces in tones of brown and gold shimmer to create lovely little spirals here and there.

You can also create a larger spiral made of gemstones.

Include spiral charms.

Paint spirals onto rocks using the colors of summer listed above.

The Sun

Of course adding symbols of the sun is appropriate. You can find candle holders, charms, pictures, or gemstones carved into the shape of the sun as just a few suggestions.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to create your own magical summer solstice altar and are wishing you all a happy and abundant summer season. Happy Summer Solstice!


The Presh Gals